Please check our “What is Futsal?” page to find out more about the meaning of this version of Soccer. It is the most played type of Soccer in Brazil and in so many other countries around the world. The Futsal methodology is very new in Alabama but already popular in states like California, Connecticut, Texas, Florida and Virginia where Soccer is very well-developed. Futsal is the secret of many professional players around the world! USA has a Futsal national team competing world-wide!

Fall Season 2020


Our Futsal teams and training program are located at our indoor Capital City Sportsplex (1555 Eastern Blvd) according to the following times/ages:

U6 Boys & Girls (2017-2015) Monday 5pm
U7/U8 Boys & Girls (2014-2013) Tuesday 4pm Thursday 4pm
U9/U10 Boys & Girls (2012-2011) Tuesday 4pm Thursday 4pm
U11/U12 Boys & Girls (2010-2009) Tuesday 5pm Thursday 5pm
U12/U13 Boys (2009-2008) Monday 4pm Friday 4pm
U14/U15 Boys (2007-2006) Monday 4pm Friday 4pm
U16/U17 Boys (2005-2004) Monday 5pm Thursday 5pm
U18/U19 Boys (2003-2002) Monday 5pm Friday 5pm
U13-U15 Girls (2008-2006) Monday 4pm Friday 4pm
U16-U18 Girls (2005-2003) Monday 5pm Thursday 5pm
  • Remember to wear flat bottom shoes and shin-guards at Futsal

Futsal players continue to practice twice a week (indoors at FCM Futsal) and play local games (indoors at FCM Futsal and outdoors at Faulkner Dalraida).

Our OUTDOOR SOCCER TRAVEL players are also involved with our indoor Futsal program as extra training for them. We also look forward every season to continue to consider some of our INDOOR LOCAL FUTSAL players to guest play or move to our outdoor Soccer travel program in the future.

The focus of our Futsal program is technique development through our practices training methodology. We usually play around 5 games outdoors (or indoors) every other Saturday each season as an opportunity to apply on the soccer field the techniques from Futsal.

Those wanting to play games more regularly and go to the next level of competition are welcome to attend our next outdoor travel tryouts for State Games & Fall Season on May 6-10th at Dalraida.

Click “Tryout Sign-up” here on the top of this page for details! We currently have 14 outdoor soccer travel teams that practice at Faulkner University- Dalraida Soccer Complex. Please just let us know if your child is interested and if you have any questions.


Season Fee

Indoor Futsal Soccer (includes outdoor games): $250 (Players receive practice/game shirt. Monthly payments available)*

*INDOOR FUTSAL SEASON FEE PAYMENT PLAN OPTION:  3 payments of $95 (this fee includes all game fees and each player will receive our new/seasonal FCM practice/game T-shirt).
Save $35 vs. paying monthly!

(Indoor Futsal U6/under 6 years old program season fee is only $200, or 3 payments of $80)

(Indoor Futsal Practice Fee of $200, or 3 payments of $80, is also available for those who just want to train with our teams but don’t want to get our T-shirt nor play games)

(Our daily drop in training fee is $10 so you save $40 by paying for the season)

(Prorated amounts are available for those who join later during the season)

(The $250 full season fee can be paid online on our website but all other fee options have to be paid in person at our office or through mail)

(Home School students are welcome to join the After School Season or contact coach Bruno regarding the Home School Program)

Click “Register Now” here on the top of this page to go to our secure (SSL) online registration. You will have the option of paying online by credit/debit card or Pay Pal after finalizing the registration. You can also use check or cash. We will not charge you any extra fee for using credit/debit card or Pay Pal online. Remember that you can save $35 by paying for the Indoor Futsal Season instead of using monthly payments.