Come experience the soccer secret of the pros!

What do players like Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Kaka, and Ronaldinho have in common?  They all grew up playing FUTSAL.

Our FCM program also offers ASA / USCS I-10 Alliance League Competitive Outdoor Travel Soccer but Futsal has always been such a strong foundation for us. Futsal is not just another “fancy” word for outdoor soccer. Most of the successful pro soccer players grew up playing the “small side street version of soccer” called Futsal.  It is a super technical methodology in a fast-paced atmosphere considered the most popular game among people in Brazil.  Spain is also known as a Futsal “power house” and there are many professional Futsal club teams all around the world.  Brazilians have won many Futsal World Cup “Golden Boots” (MVP).  Brazil also has won the most amount of Futsal World Cups just like in Outdoor Soccer but Uruguay claims to have invented the game!

Futsal is played on a hard, slick court such as a basketball court, gym floor or volleyball court.  Futsal is played with a smaller and heavier ball on a small flat surface with only 5 players on a team.  This is not “indoor soccer” which uses walls and is played on turf.  Futsal is limited by side lines and end lines. Therefore, players get 3 times as many touches on the ball, and the ball moves faster on the smooth surface and stays on the floor because of the weight, forcing players to develop their creativity, strengthen their ball control and increase their speed of play.  On the top of that, players develop techniques with the bottom of their foot therefore looking more skillful and faster than players who only play Outdoor Soccer or Indoor on the turf.

Once a player starts playing Futsal and gets used to the pace of play,  they play smarter, faster, and with more finesse in outdoor soccer or on indoor turf.  Suddenly, an average player is playing speedily and gracefully, making and creating plays and amazing moves, taking their game to another level: the “Beautiful Game!”